List of Concerts that I ever attended.

List of Concerts

1. Plastic Tree World Tour in Berlin 7 July 2006
2. Kitaro Live in Jakarta 7 April 2011
3. Super Junior 1st Asia Tour in Jakarta 29 April 2012
4. L'Arc en Ciel World Tour in Jakarta 2 May 2012
5. Xia Junsu 1st Asia Tour in Jakarta 16 June 2012
6. SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta 22 Sept 2012
7. Kim JaeJoong Fanmeeting in Jakarta 3 Nov 2012
8. Jung SungHa Live in Jakarta 16 Nov 2012
9. C.N Blue Blue Moon Concert in Jakarta 19 Oct 2013
10. MLTR Still Asian Tour in Singapore 29 Nov 2018
11. Hey! Say! Jump Live Tour 2019-2020 Parade in Kyocera Dome (Osaka) 29 Nov 2019
12. Arashi 5x20 Anniversary Tour in Tokyo Dome 30 Nov 2019


Books in 2019

Books in 2019

001. Carry On - Rainbow Rowell
002. Captive Prince: Volume One - C. S. Pacat
003. Captive Prince: Prince's Gambit - C.S. Pacat
004. Captive Prince: King's Rising - C.S. Pacat


Books in 2018

Books in 2018

001. The trial of Apollo - The Burning Maze - Rick Riordan
002. Under My Hat Tales from the Cauldron - Jonathan Strahan
003. Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan
004. China Rich Girlfriend - Kevin Kwan
005. Been Here All Along - Sandy Hall
006. No Holding Back - Kate Evangelista


Arashi File

Finally I finish re-organize all my Arashi files.. I have 4 external HDD and some DVD and all those Arashi videos were seperated in there...
So I put all together in one HDD.. Total I have around 900GB of Video excluding songs and dramas/movies.
I just realized that I dont have all Arashi singles.. I need to download them *search for download link*

And because of Steffi aka [personal profile] bambichesuto I make a documentation in excel. You can check it here if you want.. ^^

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Favorite Things in Arashi

My Arashi Ranking.. There is some contradiction in the ranking.. Like for my fav voice, I love Ohno's voice but for solo songs I dont really love his songs, I prefer Nino's solo songs.. ^^

Favorite Member
1. Sakurai Sho
2. Aiba Masaki / Ninomiya Kazunari
3. Matsumoto Jun
4. Ohno Satoshi

Favorite Voice
1. Ohno Satoshi
2. Aiba Masaki
3. Ninomiya Kazunari
4. Sakurai Sho
5. Matsumoto Jun

Favorite Solo
1. Ninomiya : Niji
2. Aiba Masaki : Friendship
3. Sakurai : Kono Mama Moto
4. Ohno Satoshi : Take me Faraway
5. Matsumoto Jun : La Familia

Favorite Pairing
1. Sakumoto
2. Aimiya
3. Sakumiya
4. Sakuraiba

Favorite Song
1. 5x10
2. Aozora Pedaru
3. Kaze no Mukou E
4. Miles Away
5. Subarashi Sekai

Journal Layout..

WTH... I tried to change the layout for my comm but I forgot to change it to my comm name instead of viereedom.. Now Viereedom's layout change to basic... I need to fix it again... argggghhghhhhhh... so much work to do...

Someone broke our comm rules and share our subs in some website.. Subbing is not an easy thing to do, and you get it for free.. Is it that hard if we ask you to respect and follow our rules??? I am so angry right now...

I need to update all the layout in my personal and comm DW but now I dont have any mood anymore.. and I dont think my friend want to subs anymore.. =(